We are so proud of our Studio - it's fabulous!! We have listed a sample of our studio timetable below, but are constantly tweaking it to refine the details to suit our members requirements. Please have a look to get an idea of the general framework, but we will be loading the current timetable every Monday onto our facebook page, so please feel free to click our link to 'like' us and then you will have access to the current timetable whenever you feel like checking out the latest classes!

Because we LOVE our studio….we have a constant promotion running…..so if you would like to experience a class here at BAY FITNESS anytime……please call us on 021 856 2401 for a complimentary free trial. Free class bookings are by appointment only but we know you will love the studio and want to come back for more!! SO call us now and bring a friend….it's always good fun!

Train yourself to look and feel G R E A T…..
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